Chemical Resistance Test: According To ASTM D 543, Test Period of 2 Months at 25oC / 77oF.
Tested Solution  Result*
Sulphuric Acid 10% No change
Sulphuric Acid 50%
No change
Hydrochloric Acid 10%
No change
Hydrochloric Acid 50%
No change
Sodium Hydroxide 20% No change
Gasoline No change
Toluene No change
Xylene No change
Volatile Solvent No change
Distilled Water No change
Nitric Acid 50% Formation of bubbles


Repairs according to API 570, ASME PCC2  Yes
Active pressure at the moment of repair (*with the use of the TapeGlass Active Kit for up to 60psi*) Leakage under pressure*
Pressure resistance for permanent repairs 500psi
Maximum pressure for temporary repairs (*result of a 1,000-hour laboratory test) 2100psi*
Permanent temperature resistance 148oC 300oF
Intermittent temperature resistance
260oC 500oF
Repair of drinking water pipeline (*with the use of the Kit containing accessories for drinking water systems) Yes*
Custom-made kits (customized size) Yes
Tensile strength 36,000 psi
Flexural strength 26,000 psi
Compressive strength 26,000 psi
Dielectric strength / rigidity 16,000 volts
Corrosion prevention certification Yes
Additives to prevent the resin from settling during storage in the package Yes
Storage 24 months


TapeGlass SDS

Steel Poxy SDS