Frequent Questions Asked

Can Tape Glass be used as permanent repair?

Tape Glass is intended as a temporary pipe repair for onsite emergency situations. Ultimately, usage and suitability of application is up to the discretion of the user.

If the leaking pipe (live line) cannot be isolated, can Tape Glass still be used?

Yes, Tape Glass can be used to stem flow of the pipe leak until an alternative procedure ca be completed. Isolating the pipes is the most effective repair, however we understand this cannot always be done. In that instance simply turn down the pressure as low as possible when applying Tape Glass

If the pipe has a small leak and is unable to be completely dry, can Tape Glass be used?

Yes, Tape Glass is ideal for use in wet applications. We suggest the pipe be cleaned and roughened to ensure a successful repair

Can Tape Glass be used as permanent repair?

Yes, Tape Glass can be used underwater in either fresh or salt water. 

What is the recommended thickness of Tape Glass?

Our recommended Tape Glass repair thickness is a minimum of 10mm or approximately 8 wraps around the pipe. We also recommend the repair extends 50mm either side of the damaged area. 

Does Tape Glass have an expiry date? 

Tape Glass has a shelf life of approximately 2 years from date the manufacture is stored.