Pipe Repair & Reinforcement

Industrial Bandage

Pipe Repair and Reinforcement Bandage

  • Repair and reinforce pipes with up to 600 PSI
  • Eliminate leakage
  • Adoptable to uneven surfaces
  • Repair and prevent pipe corrosion
  • Emergency repair of holes, fractures, cracks, etc.
  • Repairs take less than 5 minutes
  • Functional cure in less than 30 minutes
  • Temperature resistance: 320oF / 160oC (constant) and 572oF / 300oC (intermittent)
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio - Requires no tools for application
  • The Repaired area may be more resistant than the original pipe
  • Can be applied to wet or submerged surfaces
  • Safe, non-toxic, non-combustible and odorless
  • It is not necessary to measure before applying

How TapeGlass™works!

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TapeGlass™ - Industrial Bandage Pipe Repair Kit

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